Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

You aren’t even real yet. You literally haven’t been conceived, but I feel you. We bought an outfit for a baby we don’t even have yet. I felt you there while I was picking out your outfit. I feel your sweet spirit around me and your other mommy. Being a child with 2 moms wont be the easiest thing for you, but we love you so much, that’s all you need to know.

We may conceive you next week, we will see. Being 20 is kind of hard, but I know that if you need to come to earth, you will let us know. It seems that everything is coming together and having you seems like something we should do. Even when we are this young. I’m happy that I can feel you near when we are talking about having you. I hope that I will meet you soon.

Your mommies love you very much, we want you to come into our lives soon.

Love Your Mommies!